Those dreaded notes…

…the ones no bass-player wants to see…

Twenty-seveneight times. I lose count every time…


I should really link to this

For those of you lucky enough to not know what this is, it’s the first two bars of the (in)famous Pachelbel Kanon in D, which should be followed by a Gigue, but most people don’t bother… The bassline is that two bar phrase, repeated over and over again, just with occasionally shifting dynamics. After you’ve played that thing 28 times, go back to the first note (D) and stop.


2 Comments to “Those dreaded notes…”

  1. Is it really only 27 times?!

    • I was as surprised as you, but the work is only 57 bars long. Which means the theme is played, then repeated 27 times… I had memories of it being double that.

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