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April 13, 2014

Bach – St John Passion

Having played this using the new Barenreiter / Urtext edition, but not owning my own part, I’m using as reference the continuo part from IMSLP; this part differs in certain respects from the new Barenreiter edition, the most annoying of which is the change in numbering of the individual movements. Also, Barenreiter has no rehearsal letters.  In the notes below, I’ll put the IMSLP part numbers first, then the Barenreiter number, and then the first line or so of libretto (in German).


17 / 12A / Bist du nicht seiner Jünger einer?

This is fast. Very fast. Much faster than it looks from the score. It felt like we were running at about 110-120 minims a minute.
12A 17 Bist du nicht seiner Jünger einer


23 / 16B / Wäre dieser nicht ein Übeltäter

25 / 16D / Wir dürfen niemand töten

Nothing looking too nasty in the old edition; but in the Barenreiter – what’s this? A treble clef with a subscript 8? And no instruction for the bass/bassoon to ignore it? Aaargh! But the same notes in the old edition are in normal bass clef, and say “Basso e fag tacet”. Not that I knew that when I was playing, oh no… Perhaps the clef was picked to scare us off those few notes? In which case, IN YOUR FACE. It didn’t work. I played ’em all – eventually. Here I’m showing the first section in both styles; the second section is no higher, but does have (gasp!) semiquavers.

23 16B Wäre dieser nicht ein Übeltäter - old style


23 16B Wäre dieser nicht ein Übeltäter - new style


36 / 21D / Kreuzige!

Ah yes, the ol’ “Crucify” number. (Sounds much better in German – easier to sing, and easier to sing nastily… Most choirs just sound too nice!) Again, some fiddly notes, but with the occasional bar or so of relief.  The first few bars are shown here:

36 21D Kreuzige


44 / 23D / Weg, weg

Similar problems to the Kreuzige / Crucify number, above.


48 / 24 / Eilt, ihr angefochtnen Seelen (Wohin!)

Depending on the edition, and the conductor, you might want to take a look at all the semiquaver runs in this little number.  Last night’s conductor asked me to play throughout, not just the bits marked “col”…  Saves having to look out for when you’re supposed to join back in again, I suppose…


67 / 39 / Ruht wohl

Got a low C? You’ll need it!